Sunday, April 10, 2016


People are taking care of there skin more than ever,  and learning to use all natural products.   We are celebrating spring with our all new natural soaps,  because we have been making soaps now for at least 10 years,  and currently have over 18 different soaps for your skin care.  We are also celebrating other soap makers that have came before us,  and making the way for the new generation of soap makers.  I know personally I am still inspire by other soap makers,  and I can sit and watch soap makers all day on YouTube.   I enjoy their inspiration and how happy they are making soaps,  and it's amazing to see the different styles and shape.   So celebrate with me and other soap makers during our spring season.  Find a soap maker that inspires you and make some soaps for yourself and family. I guarantee that you are going to enjoy it,  and check out some of our soap recipes.

Visit our store at  to shop for some of our amazing all natural soaps

Sunday, March 20, 2016


The liver is the largest solid organ in the body.  It can affected by our poor diet and life style.  The liver  is responsible for filtering blood from toxins and converts wasted product from metabolic functions into urea to be eliminated  by urine.  The liver also filter out toxins from the blood stream and synthesizes gluathane , the master antioxidant that helps recycle other spent antioxidants, and it also balance blood sugar that creates blood cells.    We ask,  so why don't people learn to love their liver?   Here are some herbs that will help benefit the liver regardless of it's condition.
(1) Milk Thristle - is highly recommended  for all liver ailments and or protecting a normal liver from daily toxins.   (2)  Dandelion - is another herb safe for the liver,  and with Milk Thristle it's a prefect combination  (3)  Burdock root- purify blood    (4)  Artichoke - is a herb that also assist bile production  and flow.  It help prevent gallstones and can curb jaundice. (5) Turmeric - this is the most clinically  tested,  written about herb for the liver and any and all inflammation.   Lets love our liver, so our liver can love us.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

What Your Feet Is Telling You About Your Health

I am back with a vengeance lol,  and I want to talk to you about your feet and health.  We as a whole do not think about what our feet are telling us about our health.  I know personally before becoming a herbalist,  I didn't think much about natural products or alternative medicine,  nor what my feet was saying about my health.   The truth is there are signs from all parts of our body to let us know when something is wrong,  but now we are only discussing the feet.  The feet is an amazing tool to tell us what is going  on with our health.   Here are some of the things that show some concerns that we should take notice of    (1) when the  skin around your heel or the ball of your foot become dry or cracked or flaky,  this  could be a sign of thyroid problem (2)  when the hair on your toe show that you are loosing hair,  this could be  related to poor blood flow,  and I am sure most people don't notice this.   (3)  The tingle in your feet can be related to nerve damage,  and this is most noticeable.  (4)   The numbness of your feet could be related to type 2 diabetes (5)  The black spots or line under the nail could be  related to melanoma,  especially if you didn't injure your nail.  It also could be nail fungus  infection (6)  the morning foot pain could be a sign of rheumatoid (IRA) .  There are other signs but these are some of the basic signs that you should take notice of,  and get help before it starts.  There are alternative medicine to help you,  do seek an professional herbalist or healthcare professional.   When you notice a sign or a symptom,  then you have time to react.   I hope this will help you,  and answer some of the questions about your feet.  You may have notice and was wondering  about this,  so this is your starting point of understanding your feet and health.  

Monday, November 30, 2015


I just made my niece some wonderful handcrafted Christmas goat milk soap bars.  This is one of the great times that you can make these gifts and give from the heart.   I enjoy making soap,  however,  there are other things you can make simple to share with family and friends.   Watch my video to make this 123 quick handcrafted soap for Christmas  

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Blemishes can occur as a skin discoloration or dark spot,  generally  caused by acne breakouts.  They can also be hormonal imbalances, genetic, or even improper skin care.   Blemishes  can occur anywhere on the body, but mostly on the neck, face, shoulders, and back.  Blemishes  are also consider pimples,  whiteheads, blackheads.    The juice of a lemon is excellent for lightening the skin,   reducing, and removing  dark spots or hyperpigmentation  on the skin.   The citrus acid
content exfoliates the skin and removes excessive oils and kill  causing bacterial.  

We created this amazing lemon bar for blemishes,  with it's main ingredients the zest of a lemon, and 1 table spoon of lemon juice.   Try using natural product to aid you in your skin care, and be amazed  at the results.


Monday, June 15, 2015

Lets Talk About Hypertension also known as High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure  is dangerous because it leads to heart attack,  heart failure, and kidney disease.  Hypertension  is to lower blood pressure, and protect other organs such as the brain, heart, and kidney from damage.  Hypertension treatment  also reduces  stroke.  High blood pressure  is now  classified in ages such as under 60 it's 140 /90  and over 60 it's 150/90.  The best way to prevent or reduce high blood pressure is make life style changes, with diet and exercise.  Medication is recommended for blood pressure over 140/90 in people under 60 and for people older 150/90.  There are several traditional medicine that is used for high blood pressure,  however,  there are several herbal medicine that can treat high blood pressure as well.   You need to be diligent in your search to get help for high blood pressure by knowing all of your options.  If you suspect you have high blood pressure seek an healthcare provider.   Here are some systems if you suspect you have high blood pressure,  increase thirst,  increase urination,  weight loss, fatigue, and increase appetite.  Here are some symptom for moderate to sever high blood pressure are blurred vision, extremely thirsty, lightheadness, and flash heat dry skin.   There are so much information on high blood pressure that this is just a sample of information.    The bottom line is not to let it go,  get the help you need and arm yourself with information.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Weddings are in the air,  and it's time to help out the bride and groom.   Wedding season is a busy time of the year.  We love  sharing the excitement with the bride and groom.   This year is no different,  so we have came up with some fabulous gifts for them.   My heart is exploding when I created these gifts,  and the scent is awesome.  We created an awesome organic body oil for the bride,  and a sensual organic bar of organic soap, it's like bathing in a bottle of perfume.  We have not forgotten the groom,   we have two sensual organic soap bars that will intoxicate the bride.  This is a great time to create special gifts for bride and groom,  and it's even more special when you make it,  so get crafting to make your special wedding gifts.