Fibromyalgia  pain is often accompanied by anxiety, depression chronic fatigue and insomnia.  These systems are a classic example of a disorder that effects emotions and body.  Herbal treatment  are more effective  for  fibro because herbs and aromatherapy works on holistically on both mind and body levels.  Herbal treatment will include herbs that address the adrenal glands, it a support for stress management and pain relief.  Herbal oils and teas can relieve fatigue depression that are symptomatic of fibromyalgia.  Herbs that warm the body improve circulation, and reduce inflammation are cayenne, white willow, lavender, and ginger.  Cayenne oil in combination with menthol work like icy/hot treatment.  Ginger can used as a tea or bath.  Ginger root is warming and improve circulation. Mug work will stimulate the flow for fast relief from aching muscle and sore points.  A daily dose of willow bark tea provides the equivalent of a low dose aspirin.  Outstraw  and nettle can give you enough magnesium in your diet that is needed to moderate pain.

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