We have received our first case of pinworms, and I understand this is a difficult subject for parents to discuss.  Pinworms can be very challenging to eliminate with herbal remedies,  but with persistent it
can be achieved with personal hygiene.  The worms have a life cycle of approximately two weeks,  so the real trick to eliminating then preventing infestation.   If the problem persist seek medical attention and there is a medicine you can take ( Vermox ) may be the best solution. 


* First and foremost , it is essential that your family join together in the effort to prevent reinfection.  The family has to work together as a team.
* Everyone in the family need to be treated.
*  Through hand washing before preparing foods,  and get children into the habit of washing hands with warm soapy water upon awakening and before meals.      
*  Keep children nails short will prevent eggs from having a place to collect if you have any bottom scratchers or nose picker in the family.
* Adults and children should wear underwear or close fitting bottoms to bed,  this will prevent eggs and critters from getting very far.
* Change bath towel after each use, and launder hand towels every couple of days.
*  Change bedding every three days,  don't shake the sheets as you take them off the beds, fold the sheet.
*Vacum your floor don't sweep every couple of days, and damp mop once a week.
These are regular task, but should resort to a schedule,  it may seem like a hefty regime.
The first remedy is probably  the single  important and effective solution and is simple.


The following herbal medicament are variably effective but may be included in a combination of your choice as part of the overall approach.
*Garlic is a time honored medicine for killing worms,  it could be included in lemonade or other food products to give your kids.  Garlic can be chopped finely or put through garlic press and swallowed in a spoon of apple juice or honey or added to soups, salads or other dish.
* Black walnut tincture, 10 to 20 drops two or three times a day or false unicorn root tincture 10 to 15 drops twice daily.
*Aloe vera is also an inessential purgative taken internally in large amounts. 
*Wormwood is bitter and potentially toxic  herb that is generally include in worm remedies,  it is taken in an infusion of 1/2 ounce  to 1 quart of water,  standard dose is 1 cup daily for five days , repeat for two days in the next two weeks.
*Laxative herbs such as fennel seed and plantain seed may assist the body in expelling the worms.
* Girls and boys can use a slab of petroleum jelly to the area that's itching,  for girls its the labia area, and boys the bottom area.  Girls needs to wipe front to back after using the toilet.

Hygiene is the kitchen is the most beneficial remedy, washing hands before meals, clean all fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those grown in soil.  Kids should use utensil instead of fingers for eating.  Decrease or eliminate refined foods such as white flour and other highly  processed products, baked goods, sweets, juices and event the amount of fruits in the diet.
*Certain foods are considered irritating and discouraging to the worms ,  these include pickles, apple cider vinegar, salty food, onions, garlic, and hot peppers, and calamyna figs.
*Raw pumpkins seeds are considered a pinworm remedy par excellence,  let kids much on them, or put them in a salad, or oatmeal.  Up to a cup a day for school children, but less is of course better.
Most kids will outgrow susceptibility to pinworms by the age seven, perhaps because they pay attention to better hygiene .

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