Saturday, March 12, 2016

What Your Feet Is Telling You About Your Health

I am back with a vengeance lol,  and I want to talk to you about your feet and health.  We as a whole do not think about what our feet are telling us about our health.  I know personally before becoming a herbalist,  I didn't think much about natural products or alternative medicine,  nor what my feet was saying about my health.   The truth is there are signs from all parts of our body to let us know when something is wrong,  but now we are only discussing the feet.  The feet is an amazing tool to tell us what is going  on with our health.   Here are some of the things that show some concerns that we should take notice of    (1) when the  skin around your heel or the ball of your foot become dry or cracked or flaky,  this  could be a sign of thyroid problem (2)  when the hair on your toe show that you are loosing hair,  this could be  related to poor blood flow,  and I am sure most people don't notice this.   (3)  The tingle in your feet can be related to nerve damage,  and this is most noticeable.  (4)   The numbness of your feet could be related to type 2 diabetes (5)  The black spots or line under the nail could be  related to melanoma,  especially if you didn't injure your nail.  It also could be nail fungus  infection (6)  the morning foot pain could be a sign of rheumatoid (IRA) .  There are other signs but these are some of the basic signs that you should take notice of,  and get help before it starts.  There are alternative medicine to help you,  do seek an professional herbalist or healthcare professional.   When you notice a sign or a symptom,  then you have time to react.   I hope this will help you,  and answer some of the questions about your feet.  You may have notice and was wondering  about this,  so this is your starting point of understanding your feet and health.  

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