Sunday, April 10, 2016


People are taking care of there skin more than ever,  and learning to use all natural products.   We are celebrating spring with our all new natural soaps,  because we have been making soaps now for at least 10 years,  and currently have over 18 different soaps for your skin care.  We are also celebrating other soap makers that have came before us,  and making the way for the new generation of soap makers.  I know personally I am still inspire by other soap makers,  and I can sit and watch soap makers all day on YouTube.   I enjoy their inspiration and how happy they are making soaps,  and it's amazing to see the different styles and shape.   So celebrate with me and other soap makers during our spring season.  Find a soap maker that inspires you and make some soaps for yourself and family. I guarantee that you are going to enjoy it,  and check out some of our soap recipes.

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